"A Life Without Love is . . .

Like a year without summer." ~ Swedish Proverb. 

 At this moment in mid-August I'm seriously thinking I haven't even celebrated summer yet!  There has been no vacation nor basking in the summer's warm sun making laziness respectable.  Today in my house I'm actually feeling a bit chilled, and frankly have recently noticed the change in the light signifying the waning.  

Not to say I haven't been warmed by the mere thought of summer, which brought about my latest painting:

Summer on the River  .  12 x 12"  .  oil on panel - available in my Etsy shop

Can you warmly imagine the age-old loving companionship of hound and girl, spending a summer day on the river?  Soon to dock and head up the path to where?  To home?  A cabin with screens for windows letting in the sound of summer's forest, cicadas and buzzing bees - the smell of sun warmed grass and green - the river's watery, slightly fishy smell.  I must remember to conjure up this state-of-mind when in the depth of the coming winter.

I'm not mourning summer YET, but I still remained astonished at how quickly it disappears.  There has been no moderation of rain and drought - it's either one or the other here in North Carolina this season!  I'm hoping for some sun filled days ahead where I can maybe steal a few gems of summer's wonder.  I will say the peaches, tomatoes and cherries have been astoundingly good this year, and a lot of that deliciousness has been passed my way by wonderful neighbors and friends.  In fact, I painted Three Amigos in honor of the cherry:

A small, impromptu painting from life - and yes, I ate the beloved afterwards.
 Already promised for. . .

The summer crowd of spiders, mosquitoes, bees and ants will soon disappear, perhaps not long after the upcoming eclipse.  I do hope your summer has been peachy keen and filled with good memories.  I am now working on a portrait commission which I hope to share with you very soon.


  1. Always such a treat to hear your thoughts & insights and check on what you're creating.
    Thanks a bunch,


    1. Thank you Holly! I can say the same right back to you. . .


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