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Southern Breeze and Goats

I do love to paint a landscape - I'm pretty sure we all love to be outside in nature experiencing the beauty of the natural world, right?  The new painting above is actually a pond in Charleston, SC, out on the Middleton Plantation property.  The murky, muddy pond water found in the south is a thing of my childhood - many a fishing hole looked exactly like this.  The bass and bream that came out of those fishing holes made for good eating at my grandmother's house dusted in cornmeal and fried up in an iron skillet.  I confess to never wanting to swim in that murky water - the squishy, red mud bottoms, coupled with the ability to not see what you were swimming with gave me the creeps!  

Over the election days I decided to paint something fun, and this painting provided lots of smiles.  Sometimes you just have to paint the perfect souls who share our planet with us.  I'm an animal lover, all kinds of animals.  Hopefully that shows.
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