Latest portrait commission. . .

Russell  .  14" x 11"  .  oil on Belgian Linen Panel

So I admit to a teeny crush on this cute guy - his mossy green eyes and impish grin.  Russ is leaning on a railing at his grandmother's home (I believe) which only serves to make it closer to the heart and frankly, sweet.  Standing in shadow with sunlight dancing across his arms, he is the epitome of a happy boy! The satisfaction of seeing a portrait come to life within weeks and knowing it will be near and dear to those who love this boy - well, that's what it's all about.  

I think we can all agree that raising boys means you're raising a future husband, a future father and, if  he's lucky, someone to be called brother.  Russ is indeed a  beloved brother to a lovely sister, and he lives out where boys know horses via his grandmother's roots.   Hence I love the above meme I came across not long ago. . .I instantly thought of Russ, a well raised boy.

We are graced in this world to witness love, feel love and share love, although of late it seems we need more of it than ever before.  Let's stand together to make sure boys and girls get the chance to live out wonderful lives. . .lifting all up in their path. 

I am often so inspired by the loving hearts of young children featured across this World Wide Web - their acts of kindness, their intuitive understanding of what's real, their ability to adapt and their bravery.  I am looking forward to witnessing these next few *growing up* years in front of Russ - he will always hold a special place in my heart. He had me at that smile! 



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